Facial Rejuvenation Treatments

Safe & Effective Skin Rejuvenation Treatments Near Clearwater

The Refinery’s Clearwater med spa offers a variety
of industry-leading skin rejuvenation treatment
options. Facial rejuvenation is a popular choice for
those patients who want to renew their
appearance by combatting the signs of aging and
sun damage.

Since so many of us have enjoyed too much of that good ol’ Florida sun, skin rejuvenation can be a nice reset for those patients looking to level-up their skincare! Two of the most popular options are the topical BioRePeel TCA facial peel and our nanoparticle (formerly known as exosomes) skin regeneration therapies. Both of these clinically-proven options are remarkable at improving the appearance, texture, and quality of your skin!

BioRePeel® TCA Facial Peels

The Refinery uses the innovative BioReTherapy line of products from BioSkin Aesthetics. Specifically, we use BioRePeelCl3® BLUE, a cutting edge Italian-made 35% TCA facial peel that’s followed up with post-treatment firming and hydrating serums. This professional-grade treatment not only refines the skin’s surface and corrects imperfections but also boosts cell turnover by deeply stimulating the production of collagen and elastin. With near immediate results, you’ll notice additional improvements continue for several weeks. The biggest draw about BioRePeel is that it offers minimal to zero skin shedding, ensuring your social life can continue uninterrupted after your treatment.

How Do BioRePeel® TCA Peels Work?

BioRePeel stands out with its patented 2-phase technology, designed to offer bio-stimulating, revitalizing effects akin to a peel, yet without the typical downtime. Its unique composition combines active ingredients to effectively combat skin aging. Clinical trials have confirmed its efficacy in reducing or eliminating damage caused by UV rays, hyperpigmentation, current acne, and scars from past acne. And that’s for all patients and all skin types. The process works by dissolving the bonds between skin cells to gently shed the outermost layer to unveil a radiant, smooth layer beneath.

Its powerful formula encompasses a variety of key components. The potent TCA solution addresses skin texture, scarring, and discoloration, while salicylic acid tackles congested pores and excess oil. Tartaric acid offers natural brightness, and lactobionic acid enhances intercellular metabolism. Fortified with amino acids and antioxidant vitamins, including Vitamins C and B2, BioRePeel defends against damage from UV exposure and other environmental threats.

Benefits of Receiving a BioRePeel® TCA Facial Peel Near Clearwater

Patients are going wild over BioRePeel TCA facial peels because of how effective it is in such a short amount of time. And with no downtime post-treatment, it really is becoming the “perfect treatment” for so many! Unique and notable benefits include:

  • safe for patients of all skin types
  • immediate and noticeable results
  • it’s not photosensitive and it can be done year round
  • BioRePeel is pain free with no downtime
  • it can be applied to the face, neck, and décolletage
  • unlike some chemical peels, BioRePeel will not cause facial blanching or “frosting”
  • needle free with no injections

And many patients experience noticeable changes for common issues like:

  • reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • improving acne scars
  • producing a more even or smooth skin texture
  • helping with hyperpigmentation
  • improving the appearance of sun damage
  • repairing skin elasticity

With no downtime, BioRePeel is an incredibly diverse product that can be used by nearly all patients. Its groundbreaking formula works to exfoliate the skin’s top layer by breaking down old or damaged cells, thus paving the way for regeneration.

BioRePeel® Before & After Photos

Exosomes Facial Rejuvenation Therapy

Similar to most areas of life, technological advancements have influenced and improved how we can deliver more effective skincare treatments for our patients. One of those advancements comes in the form of nanoparticles or nanomaterials formerly known as exosomes.

Exosomes are incredibly small, smaller than anything we’ve been able to use before in topicals, that are able to find their way deep into your skin for rich and repairative nourishment. They’re a wonderful delivery method for proteins, lipids, and biomolecules such as growth factors, peptides, and microRNA, which enhance and support healthy tissue. This is made possible by leveraging the power of stem cells to increase the production of skin collagen and elastin by significant amounts. More collagen and elastin results in visible reductions to the common signs of aging.

We commonly hear that patients enjoy the following benefits after treatment:

  • supports and strengthens the skin’s natural barriers
  • boosted hydration and improved skin elasticity for a youthful glow
  • a renewed appearance by evening your skin tone and texture
  • long lasting protection against environmental stressors

Like our BioRePeel skin rejuvenation peel, our nanoparticle treatments are non-invasive and you’ll experience no downtime. They’re also discomfort-free and can be quickly applied to the desired region for rapid results!

Patients who are interested in nanoparticle skin rejuvenation can ask about our ReviveX or other proprietary blends of rich signaling biomolecules. Biomolecules include regenerative growth factors, microRNA, peptides, and more. Contact our team today to learn more!